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Terms of sale

Rivel Partners LTD(TEAFORYOU. EE)

Validity of terms of sale

  1. The terms of sale apply to the purchase of goods and services between the buyer of the TeaForYou.ee online store (hereinafter Consumer) and the entrepreneur Rivel Patrners OÜ (hereinafter TeaForYou.ee).
  2. In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of products from the TeaForYou.ee online store are regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (HEREINAFTER VÕS), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter TKS) and other legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
  3. TeaForYou.ee reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of sale. These changes will be reflected in the TeaForYou.ee’s website.

Price information

  1. All prices listed in the TeaForYou.ee online store are in euros and include 20% VAT.
  2. For purchases with a total amount of less than 45 euros, the price of transport will be added according to the method of delivery chosen by the Consumer to Estonia (SmartPOST parcel machine 3 euros; DPD courier service EUR 3.75). 3) For purchases with a total value of less than 99€ the price of transport will be added according to the method of delivery chosen by the Consumer to Finland (Itella SmartPOST parcel machine 8.95 euros; Posti.fi post office 9.95 euros).
  3. Prices are valid from the time of placing the order until the expiry of the payment term of the order (24 hours after placing the order).
  4. If the order was placed before the change of the terms of sale or prices, the terms and conditions in force at the time of placing the order apply to the legal relations between the Consumer and the TeaForYou.ee.
  5. TeaForYou.ee reserves the right to make changes to the sales prices. These changes will be reflected in the TeaForYou.ee’s website.

Placing an order

  1. Add the desired products to the shopping cart.
  2. To place an order, click on the link “Make a purchase” in the shopping cart.
  3. On the ordering page, fill in the required data fields, select the appropriate method of delivery of the products, payment method, and click on the link “Confirm order”. You will then be directed to the bank to pay the invoice. When paying with a bank transfer payment method, an invoice will be displayed on the screen, which you can pay as a euro payment in a bank that suits you. Details for making a euro payment together with all applicable national taxes and additional fees can be found on the invoice displayed on the screen after confirming the order.
  4. Fill in the boxes on the confirmation page of the data and order carefully, because the accuracy and correctness of the information provided depends on the fast and smooth delivery of the products you have purchased and the subsequent resolution of disputes and claims.
  5. Orders placed in the TeaForYou.ee online store are handled on the days Mon-Sun 9:00-22:00

Entry into force of the sales contract

  1. With the contract of sale of goods, the TeaForYou.ee undertakes to hand over to the Consumer the existing, manufactured or acquired goods acquired by the TeaForYou.ee in the future and to make it possible to transfer ownership to the Consumer, while the Consumer undertakes to pay teaForYou.ee the amount indicated on the invoice for the Goods and to accept the Goods.
  2. Orders that have not been paid for will be cancelled after 24 hours from the time of placing the order.
  3. The sales contract enters into force after the payment made by the Consumer has been received in the TeaForYou.eebank account.


  1. After the entry into force of the sales contract, TeaForYou.ee will assemble the order and hand it over to the company’s logistics partners for delivery.
  2. The delivery deadlines shown on the website of the online store are valid from the moment the order amount is received TeaForYou.ee bank account.
  3. In order to be able to deliver without delay, care must be taken and, when placing an order, provide the correct and valid data when entering the delivery data.
  4. TeaForYou.ee is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the goods if the goods have been delivered to the logistics partners on time, but the delay in delivery is due to circumstances that could not have been influenced or foreseen by the TeaForYou.ee.
  5. The speed of delivery depends on the courier company, but the maximum time is 7 days, from the moment the order is confirmed.

Right of return

  1. The consumer’s right of return is provided by legislation and is not TeaForYou.ee the specifics of ordering from an online store.
  2. After receiving the order, the Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the online store within 14 days without disclosing the reason. Pursuant to § 53 (4) of the LOA, the Consumer does not have the right to withdraw on goods that cannot be returned due to its nature. Among other things, cosmetics and perfumes with open packaging are not subject to return.
  3. If the condition of the object to be returned deteriorates, the Consumer shall be liable for the decrease in value caused by the use of the item only if he or she has used the object in any other manner than is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the thing. In order to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the item, the Consumer should handle and use the item only as if he were permitted to do so normally in a shop.
  4. In order to return the goods, the Consumer must submit an application for withdrawal from the purchase of the Goods to the free-form e-mail address info@teaforyou.ee no later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods.
  5. The consumer must return the goods within 14 days after submitting the application or provide proof that he or she has delivered the goods to the logistics company within the aforementioned period.
  6. The consumer does not have to return the goods through a logistics company if TeaForYou.ee have agreed to pick up the goods themselves.
  7. TeaForYou.ee shall, upon receipt of the withdrawal application, immediately, but not later than after 14 days, refund to the consumer all charges received from the consumer under the contract, including the cost of delivery of the item used by the Consumer, unless the consumer has expressly chosen a different method of delivery from the cheapest method of delivery offered by the trader, the TeaForYou.ee does not have to refund to the Consumer the cost which exceeds the cost associated with the usual method of delivery.

Force majeure

  1. TeaForYou.ee shall not be liable for damage caused to the Consumer or for the delay in delivery of the goods if the damage or delay in delivery of the goods is caused by circumstances that could not have been influenced or foreseen by the TeaForYou.ee.

Protection and processing of personal data

  1. The customer’s personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
  2. TeaForYou.ee, the Consumer collects personal data when creating a customer account and/or placing an order.
  3. The personal data processed are the consumer’s name, personal identification code, e-mail address, mobile phone number and consumption preferences.
  4. TeaForYou.ee uses personal data for the provision, further development and personalisation of services to the Consumer. These services must primarily refer to the sale of goods and personalised offers to consumers on the TeaForYou.ee website.
  5. By entering data in the online store and with the corresponding confirmation, the consumer gives the right to collect and process the consumer’s personal data and to forward the necessary data to the logistics partner for the delivery of the goods.
  6. TeaForYou.ee has the right to use the address of the Consumer’s residence or location to transmit advertising and other information to the Consumer.
  7. The consumer has the right to prohibit the collection and use of his personal data at any time, unless this is necessary for the collection of a contractual claim or for the delivery of goods. Consent to the use of the aforementioned personal data cannot be withdrawn retroactively.
  8. The use of electronic personal data for direct mailing takes place only if the Consumer has given his or her consent for this on the TeaForYou.ee website.
  9. Encrypted data communication with banks when paying for purchases ensures the security of the Consumer’s personal bank IDs and there is no TeaForYou.ee access to them.
  10. TeaForYou.ee does not transfer personal data received about the Customer to third parties.
  11. Rivel Partners OÜ is the controller of personal data, our company transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the processor Payment Centre AS.
  12. You always have the option to disagree with the processing of your personal data, which is carried out with your consent. It is not possible to complete the purchase without the data required to fulfill the order, as we will not be able to fulfill such an order.

Procedure for filing complaints

  1. TeaForYou.ee is responsible for the non-conformity of the goods sold to the Consumer or for defects that occur within two years from the delivery of the goods to the Consumer.
  2. In the event of a defect, the consumer has the right to turn to the TeaForYou.ee within two months at the latest by submitting the invoice on the basis of which the purchase of the goods was paid for.
  3. If there is a defect in the goods, please stop using the goods.
  4. Repair or replacement of defective goods shall be agreed between the TeaForYou.ee and the Consumer. The cost of repairs is covered by TeaForYou.ee.
  5. TeaForYou.ee is not responsible for defects caused by the fault of the Consumer to the product that have arisen as a result of improper storage or non-purposeful use of the product.
  6. In case of non-conformity or defects of the product, please forward a complaint to the e-mail address info@teaforyou.ee, indicating the name of the person placing the order, contact phone number, order number and an exact description of the product’s non-conformity or defect.
  7. A claim for the discovery of non-conformity or defects of the product must be submitted within two months of the discovery of the non-conformity or defect of the product.
  8. All complaints will be reviewed and the Consumer will be contacted as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the complaint.
  9. The consumer has the right to demand that the TeaForYou.ee online store reduce the purchase price or terminate the contract and demand a refund for the goods if the TeaForYou.ee the online store is unable to repair or replace the goods, repair or replacement of the goods fails, TeaForYou.ee the online store has not eliminated the defect of the goods within a reasonable period of time, the consumer has been caused undue inconvenience.

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