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2019 Shen Menghai Spring Tip Pu-erh

The aroma is intense, masculine and awakening.

Weight of one pack: 357 grams
Species: shen Puer
Origin: Yunnan Province
Taste: fresh, masculine, harmonious
Aroma: fruits, almonds, honey, floral notes
Color: Golden


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Pu-erh Shen Menghai Spring Tip

Classic and bright shen “green” Porridge, with excellent data. The color of the extract is light-golden. The aroma is intense, masculine and awakening. Here the fruits, almonds, honey and flower notes stand out. Tea gives a slight feeling. In this tea, the ideal combination of taste and smell is a combination of taste and smell, which in turn flows into an emotional aftertaste. Boil this tea should be at a temperature of 95-100 degrees, with a pulling time of 10-15 seconds. Know what I suggest you try.

Why is Shen Pu-erh useful?

Shen porridge is very beneficial for health, it is an excellent natural antioxidant. Shen Porer has a cleansing effect, it improves digestion, is very good after heavy fat food. In addition, Shen Puer normalizes metabolism and promotes weight loss. Shen Puer is a tea that inspires, refreshes and warms. However, you can not drink Shen Puer on an empty stomach – this can cause pain and discomfort.

How to boil?

It is very important to prepare Shen Porridge correctly. About 8 grams of tea are taken per decoction. The temperature of the water is 95-100 degrees, the first extract is poured out, the second is left to stand for a couple of seconds (maximum 10). If the tea after the second pull is bitter, you need to reduce the pulling time. The high-quality Shen Puer can withstand at least ten pulls.
For preparation fit a clay teapot or gaiwan.