Gun Fu Tea Jug 200/500/1000ml

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Wonderful Gong Fu teapot – is an excellent and convenient invention, made specifically so that you can quickly prepare Chinese tea, but at the same time correctly.
The teapot is made of transparent heat-resistant food plastic and glass. Volume – 1 liter. It is divided into two parts. Top – the chamber in which the tea is prepared. And the bottom – where is the clean shot. These two chambers are connecting vessels. In the pulling chamber, through the upper lid, you place the path. It can be any variety – Dahunpao, Tuguanyin, Longjing, Porridge, etc. then we simply fill it with hot water.
After a few seconds, if you find that the road is drawn enough, you press the button at the top of the teapot, and voila is already a tea shot at the bottom of your Gong Fu teapot.
All, therefore, the water ceases to connect to the tea leaves, the road is no longer drawn, and the strength of the pull is fixed and remains unchanged even after 20 minutes. After some time, you can repeat this procedure several times, and always the path begins to prepare surprisingly correctly!
In order to prevent tea leaves from entering from one section to another, a micro sieve is installed between them. This does not prevent the image from mixing, but it blocks even the smallest tea leaves. Thus, the image will always remain clear, clean and beautiful.
Simply. Brilliant!
It is a simple, convenient and fantastically functional road device.