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Hey Cha

Weight of one pack: 50 grams
Country of origin: Hunan
Type: Black tea
Taste: Warm, sweet, woody, floral tea
Colour: Cognac-reddish


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Hey Cha

Hei Cha is one of the most unusual and rare species of Chinese tea. Something very special with original taste. Black classic tea from Fu Chuan province. This is a trailblazing tea, in the manufacture of which wet stacking technology and processes of “mushroom” fermentation are used. In the production of Hei Cha, oxidized tea leaves undergo a wet stacking process. During this time, the leaf is consciously exposed to high humidity for a certain period of time. This is how thesis “fungal” enzymatic processes develop. This process is an imitation of the conditions in which the road was during the transportation of a long caravan. Tea contains miniature golden flowers. Outwardly, they look like yellow feathers on the surface of the leaf. Such a combination of leaves and “golden flowers”, together with the skill of technologists, makes the path very interesting and bright. As a result – rich taste and noble aroma. Each new cup gives more and more warmth, serenity and harmony.

Pressing is dense, for cutting it is useful to use a Pu-erh tea knife or spike. Homogeneous at the point of fraction, there are a moderate number of plugs. The slightly balm aroma of dry tea is juicy, wood-spicy. The extract is bright, almond gold to taste.

The finished tea bouquet is soft, juicy, spicy woody with hints of dried fruits, spices and dry berries. A restrained and even taste throughout tea drinking. Ideal for cooking in a cooking bowl or thermos. Can pull and do not lose its amazing qualities.

Relieves tension and fatigue well. Tones gently and organizes thoughts and emotions. Stabilizes the general condition and focuses attention. Pleasantly warms up and gives a calm state.