Jin Jun Mei

Cleans pores, expels toxins and slugs accumulated from the body, releases heat in the human body.

Weight of one pack: 50 grams
Type: Red road
Taste: Sweet with chocolate tone
Colour: Cognac-reddish
Aroma: Deep, smoked nut



Jin Jun Mei 金骏眉

Jin Jun Mei (golden eyebrows) is the closest relative of tea “Silver Eyebrows”. They are grown and produced in the same place. Many tea-making experts consider golden eyebrows to be the ancestor of all red teas. A distinctive feature of this tea is thin curved tea leaves with golden tips (unsettled tea buds), which give the drink a fruity aroma. And this is one of the few teas that can be considered a work of art. He’s great, he’s the emperor among the ways. It’s hard to find in Tallinn. For a long time, this path was not in our catalog. The reason is simple, that is its price. Even in China, not everyone can afford to drink this tea every day.

How is Jn Jun Mei useful?

Perfectly quenchs thirst. Strengthens the immune system, as it contains a lot of antioxidants, and makes the body’s resistance to infections as high as possible. Has a positive effect on the heart muscle, organizes its activity. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, makes them elastic. Promotes cleansing of the liver, kidneys, prevents diseases of the urinary and genital organs. Prevents the aging of the body, thanks to the high concentration of catechin in the composition promotes the rejuvenation of skin coverings. There is a natural antidepressant, improves mood, eliminates irritability, creates a feeling of peace and balance. Normalizes blood pressure. Strengthens the tissues of the walls of blood vessels, it can be used as an additional tool in the treatment and prophylaxis of a disease such as thrombophlebitis. Can be used as an effective fever-relieving agent. Gives positive emotions, brings them closer together. Refreshes your breath, ensures oral hygiene. Strengthens gums and tooth enamel, prevents the development of caries. Cleans pores, expels toxins and slugs accumulated from the body, releases heat in the human body.

How to boil?

Initially, the pulling bowl must be rinsed with hot water. This is necessary for the heating of the vessel. From 5 to 7 grams of tea crumbs are used per 150 ml of water. The temperature of the water for pulling should be 90 degrees. After you have poured the first water over the tea crumbs, immediately pour it away. This is necessary in order to rinse the buds and prepare them for subsequent pulling. The time of subsequent pulls should not exceed 1 minute. Tea can be made from one port of tea crumbs 6-7 times. You can feel how with each new infusion the taste of tea changes, you will find new notes in it, while it will still remain saturated and full-bodied. This path is quite rare, one must learn to treat it without haste, with respect. Treat the pulling process with a relaxed, slow, conscious attitude. If you do everything right, you’ll get a delicious drink.

The history of Jin Jun Mei begins in 2005. Since. During a tour from Beijing to the Wuyi Mountains, the tea was discovered by company director Jiang Yuan Xin and his fellow passengers on bushes along the road with young buds. Such an unexpected surprise surprised the passengers. So the idea arose to prepare a new tea from young buds. Which differed completely in their own taste and aroma. The new tea was made with experience from tea manufacturer Lapsand Souchong, which had been cultivated in these places for over 300 years. As a result of the experiments carried out, according to local technologies, a completely new, different path emerged – the red road.