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“Mrs Big” Large clay teapot 250ml Yixing

Length – 6 cm. Diameter – 9 cm. Weight – 250 grams.


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This is a large teapot with thick walls, the volume of which is 250 ml. Ideal for large men with wide palms. The teapot optimally settles in large hands. It has a high center of gravity, which makes it even more comfortable. Two fingers tightly go into the ear of the teapot.

Before cooking, you need to properly warm the teapot with boiling water to equalize the temperature. It’s the perfect teapot for dark Oolong and Puer.

The lid is regularly located in the body of the teapot. The slack of the lid is less than 1 millimeter. The jug gives a solid and accurate jet. At the anchorage of the jug, a filter of nine apertures is installed. On the basis of a teapot, on top of the lid and handle – mandatory manufacturer’s stamps.