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Pu-erh Bamboo 2012

Type: Medium press
Taste: Strong, dry fruit shade
Aroma: Cinnamon and fried caramel
Color: Golden-brownish


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Pu-erh (Shu) Bamboo

Correctly cooked tea has a dark color, a strong, if soft, taste and a specific aroma. Tea reduces the risk of oncological diseases, lowers blood pressure, reduces blood sugar in the blood, improves the skin, normalizes metabolism, helps the body avoid toxins, reduces hangover syndrome, has a strong toning effect and increases working capacity. Mini Bin Shu can be prepared as follows: the teapot must first of all be rinsed with boiling water, put tea crumbs in it, pour hot water into it, which 90-95 degrees, per 600-800 ml of water. Initially, hold for a few seconds and pour water away. Then pour the hot water into the jug one more time and let stand for 1-3 min. Tea can be boiled many times over.