Pu-erh “Moonlight”

If you haven’t tried Puerh tea yet, then this is the perfect choice to start!

Weight of one pack: 50 grams
Species: Porridge unfertilized
Origin: Yunnan Province
Taste: dense, soft and harmonious
Aroma: peach, birch, honey and dried fruits
Color: clearly up to reddish


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Unusual Puerh “Moonlight”

This is a very special puer from Yunnan Province, and this place, as we know, is famous for its classics and Shen Shu Puers. Moonlight is unlike any Shen, and even more so, none of the Shu Puer you’ve tried in your life. It’s something unique. For the production of moonlight from a tree, a young bud and two upper leaves are removed. Then the tea leaves are processed according to the technology of white tea. Why Moonlight? This name was given to him, because his color is very similar to the night moon. One side is light yellow, and on the other side the leaf is dark, almost black. This effect of two colors is achieved due to the fact that on the one hand the tea leaf is covered with white udemes, and on the other hand – smooth. The aroma of this tea is dominated by the sweet taste of peach, dried fruits and honey.

How is Puerh (Shu) useful?

The Chinese black Puerh has proven several times its invigorating and beneficial effect on the human body. It can be safely used to strengthen health: It is effective in elevated holeterin, helps to gradually lower it, as well as is good in this sense as a preventive measure, especially if there is a tendency to increase this indicator. The ability of tea to normalize the level of holeterin was proven by research by French scientists. If you drink Shud regularly, you can get a reinforced immune system with the result. The body easily copes with various viruses and attacks of infection. Terviseumie also occurs due to the excretion of toxins and slugs. Guaranteed to ensure positive results with the fight against excess weight. Dietitians have long added this tea to the list of slimming foodies.

How to boil?

Puerhi should be prepared with water of 95-100 degrees, and the pulling time should not exceed 10-60 seconds. This tea is suitable for those who are getting acquainted with Puerh teas for the first time. It’s a guide to getting to know Puerhi. It won’t disappoint. In China, there is a law according to which only tea produced in Yunnan Province can bear puerhi’s name. This is a historical area where porridge has been produced for hundreds of years. The road was named after an ancient city where a large tea market operated. Porridges have a powerful and invigorating effect, so it is not worth drinking them before going to bed. It’s a great replacement for morning coffee. Porridge not only stimulates and tunes to work, but also has a beneficial effect on health. Puerh road was named after the Chinese city of Puerh, located in Yunnan Province. This drink is wonderful as truth: it is compared to expensive wine, which over the years is getting better and better in its properties and is gaining more and more useful properties.